This week in SixtyFPS

18th of July to 25th of July 2021

Posted on July 26, 2021

SixtyFPS is a toolkit to efficiently develop fluid graphical user interfaces for any display: embedded devices and desktop applications. We support multiple programming languages, such as Rust, C++, and JavaScript. Find more information at or go straight to github at


Progress was made in the following areas:

  • Release cargo-ui with a blog post.
  • Handle self assignment on non-float types (ae210e)
    • Support of `*=` and `/=` on types with unit such as length.
    • Proper compilation error when using a self assignment operator on an invalid type instead of a panic
  • Fix animations with two way bindings (01f116 and ba3277)

    Fix #193 and #345

  • Demos: minor tweak (530d47)
  • LSP: Fix preview on rectangles with opacity or drop shadow (4f1323)

    Instead of producing an error, produce just a warning that the effect won't be visible on root elements.

  • Improve Listview:
  • Fixed generated C++ code compilation for some uses of @linear-gradient (19ad14 and 0a46b3)
  • LSP: add a "Show preview" code lens (a095d8)

  • internal cleanup: Window and related traits have been simplified
  • Added icon property to the Window element (1360f1)
  • Documentation:
    • Polish to figma_import's ( 2d2afa)
  • qt renderer: Fix difference between font metrics and rendering (457ae5)

    When the widget itself is part of a hierarchy and some parent widget defines font properties (such as weight, etc.) that aren't defined in .60, we would inherit those for rendering, but not when measuring.

    Since when measuring we don't have a widget, this patch disables all font property merging from the widget hierarchy.

  • MacOS: Don't show non-existent glyph boxes for emojis on macOS (127339)

    Instead, include the emoji font in the fallback list. Once femtovg learns to render color fonts, they will show up.

  • Janitor work: More patches towards clippy cleanliness


74 patches were committed by 5 authors.