SixtyFPS Ambassador Licenses


The SixtyFPS GUI toolkit is still fresh. We offer early adopters the Ambassador Program, to offset use cases that might not be polished or may lack a feature. You can apply to get a SixtyFPS Ambassador License, for free. This license grants you a right to SixtyFPS for your commercial product, instead of the open source GPL v3 licensing.

We offer this license to individuals as well as small businesses. We will review each application and we reserve the right to accept it or not.

In exchange, we request the following:

  • Spread the word: Mention that your product is built with SixtyFPS in public documentation, marketing material and social media (if applicable).
  • Showcase: Grant us permission to mention your product(s) and use it's logo in our marketing material.
  • Give feedback: Tell us what you like and dislike about SixtyFPS. We need your help to improve. We may use your feedback in testimonials.

Apply now!

Please fill out this form, or alternatively, send us an email to