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SixtyFPS is a toolkit to efficiently develop fluid graphical user interfaces for any display: embedded devices and desktop applications. We support multiple programming languages, such as Rust, C++, and JavaScript.

Our design goals are:

  • Lightweight : Fit into a few hundred kilobytes of RAM and require little processing power.
  • Straightforward : Programmers and designers should feel productive and be able to enjoy the design and development process. The APIs should be consistent, easy to use, and intuitive, no matter the target language. High-quality documentation should describe the APIs, teach concepts and how to use them.
  • Native : We support many different target platforms, from embedded devices to desktops including mobile and web. Both the user and the developer should feel at home on each platform. The look and feel and experience should match the users' expectations of a native application.

Getting Started

Choose one of our language integrations to get started with SixtyFPS:

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Rust API for use with Cargo

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C++ Library with CMake

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NodeJS Module via npm

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Online Playground (Beta)
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Try our Online Editor (Beta)

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For the best programming experience we recommend installing our Visual Studio Code extension.


Try one of our demos in the browser, cross-compiled to WebAssembly:

Printer Demo
Screenshot of Printer Demo
Slide Puzzle
Screenshot of Slide Puzzle
Todo App Demo
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Widgets Gallery
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Check out the Printer Demo running on a Raspberry PI:

Our Offering

We offer three different options for licensing SixtyFPS:

Open Source (GPL v3)
  • Free
  • For open source applications
Open Source Logo
  • Free
  • Build your own products and help us promote SixtyFPS
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Commercial License
  • Paid-for license
  • Build your own proprietary products
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Photo of Olivier
Olivier Goffart
Photo of Simon
Simon Hausmann

Olivier and Simon started their open source journey in the KDE project, the popular Open Source Desktop Environment for Linux.

Later they met while working together in a small company in Norway called Trolltech, on the Qt C++ toolkit. Here, they gained valuable experience in API design, cross-platform software development and user interface components.

Simon continued in the Qt Company as a lead developer and maintainer of the QtQml engine.

Olivier co-founded Woboq, a software consulting company.

Years later, and now based in Berlin, they are starting a new project. With SixtyFPS they aim to make developing user interfaces fun for everyone: from JavaScript, C++, or Rust developers all the way to UI/UX designers.

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